Boogie aka. André Morgner is a native-born of the Ore Mountains and has been working as a graffiti artist since 1999. He painted his first graffiti in 1994 at the old train station of his hometown and henceforth focused on the colorful conversion of his surroundings. After attending graphic school in Dresden (GER) he was one of the pioneers in the german speaking countries to start a company for commercial mural works. At about the same time he founded the SML Crew with a few talented and graffiti oriented companions which is still internationally active nowadays. But working as a plain service provider was nothing Boogie wanted to fulfill permanently. So in 2003 he decided to start his academic studies in Communication Design at the University of applied Science in Wiesbaden (GER) to gain further qualifications. He met fellow graffiti enthusiastic students, so that this form of art kept on accompanying him during his studies. In this phase of his life first smaller exhibitions in his local surroundings and within the limits of his studies took place.

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After graduating successfully and goal-oriented before his 30th birthday, he started traveling. Especially California and therefore graffiti artists like Revok and the MSK Crew inspired and motivated him to make graffiti more of a priority in his life. Boogie’s own standards in innovation and individuality of his styles were raised. Being very impressed by how this process had influenced him on one of his journeys, he decided to get his motto „What you give is what you get“ tattooed on the inside of his wrists. This reminds him to give his very best each single day to achieve the optimal result.

In 2009 Boogie moved his center of life to Switzerland. In Basel he was introduced to Dare and Smash who fascinated him in the way they chose to go with their art. Through the Colab Gallery in Weil am Rhein (GER) and the team around curator Stefan Winterle, Boogie received the chance to exhibit his prints. First national and international group shows such as Hallenkunst in Chemnitz (GER) in 2014 followed. During this show he was introduced to gallery owner Julien Kolly who became a mentor to him. His first solo show in Switzerland was followed by another solo show at Kolly’s gallery LaGrille in Yverdon (CH) which was a big success for Boogie. After taking the decision to be more active in the world of social media, his name became internationally more known and noticed. Invitations to events such as the ONO’U Graffiti Festival on Tahiti in 2015, the Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen or the Streetfire Festival in Moscow followed. This was the time when Boogie became a member of the world known TAD Crew.

Fresh, comic-like and clean is a spot on description of Boogie’s artworks and style. He sees himself as an entertainer and with his legible styles he found a way to excite a lot of people with his graffiti. Also this allows him to make a living from it. Brands like Microsoft, H&M and Burn Energy appreciate his professionalism and creativity and enjoy to collaborate with him.
Boogie and his good friend Hombre decided to launch Team Homboog in 2015 to refine their creativity and to push one another. On this mission they have already created a couple of gigantic murals and the world is welcome to follow their creative adventures on their blog and digital home

In September 2016 another dream of Boogie came true. As only one a few graffiti artists worldwide his color producer Molotow asked him to pick his own shade of color and brought Boogie Viola on the market. This color is now available worldwide and thereby Boogie became part of a group of artists such as Toast, Dare, Loomit, MadC or Swet. Now Boogie is showing Viola his world and is focused on the colorful conversion of what in the meantime became his international surroundings. The dream of the teenage boy from the Ore Mountains is still the same – but it grew bigger during the years. So in 2016 Boogie will be a part of various art shows in London, Paris, Liestal, Chemnitz, Moskau and Malaysia.

The path which Boogie chose to take is the one which he is also planning on following in the future. There are still various countries on his so called bucket list where he would like to paint huge productions using his colorful artworks to put a smile on people’s faces. Furthermore he is going to prepare a few solo art shows like for example at the Kolly Gallery in Zurich where he plans to bring his Boogie Style to large canvases. For the future – as it has been for the past – his motto is: Work hard – play harder!


Group Shows
2010 Hallenkunst /// Chemnitz (GER)
2010 Cannics Art Bang /// Frankfurt/M (GER)
2011 Hallenkunst /// Chemnitz /GER)
2011 Nachtgestalten – Urban Art in der Kulturfabrik /// Schopfheim (GER)
2011 Graffiti on Vinyl /// Magdeburg, Stuttgart, Chemnitz (GER)
2012 Regio Art /// Lörrach (GER)
2013 ConsSpace /// Berlin (GER)
2014 Black Rebels Group Show /// Aschaffenburg (GER)
2014 ArtGau /// Brugg (CH)
2015 Seeyu /// Horgen (CH)
2015 FiftyFifty /// Geneva (CH)
2015 Fashion meets Art / Jelmoli House of Brands /// Zürich (CH)
2016 Millerntor Gallery /// Hamburg (GER)
2016 Creative Differences /// London (UK)

Solo Shows
2012 Endress & Hauser /// Maulburg (GER)
2012/2013 Riders Palace /// Laax (CH)
2013 Farbklex /// Liestal (CH)
2013 La Grille Gallery /// Yverdon (CH)
2014 DrinkInk /// Baden (CH)
2014 Boys from the Wood /// Chemnitz (GER)
2015 Boys from the Wood /// Chemnitz (GER)

2014 Meeting of Styles /// Milano (IT)
2015 ONO`U Tahiti Graffiti Festival /// Papetè (Tahiti)
2015 Meeting of Styles /// Antwerp (BEL)
2015 Roskilde Festival /// Roskilde (DK)
2015 Streetfire Festival /// Moscow (RU)
2016 UrbanHeart /// Basel (CH)
2016 V-1 Festival /// St.Petersburg (RU)
2016 Splash Festival /// Ferropolis (GER)
2016 Step in the Arena /// Eindhoven (NL)
2016 Meeting of Styles /// Budapest (HUN)
2016 V1 Festival /// St.Petersburg (RU)
2016 Burn Battle School /// Krakow (PL)