JO BER is born in 1983 in the suburbs of Paris. Born and raised with comics and hip-hop culture, he did not take long before he gets pencil and paper in his hand. Compulsive designer, he grew up near the Defense district which quickly became his playground, making his first paintings in the street shortly before the year 2000.

Graffiti, canvases, fanzines, comics, sculptures, JO BER works his bases by varying the pleasures. Chance or coincidence, the European borders fade under the rails in the same time of its desire to discover other places. He quickly develops a fascination for trains. These monsters of metal that go through the city, the countries, the continent, in which he travels, eats, sleeps and even paints. The work of JO BER is no longer restricted to canvas, he does not hesitate to use other supports, wood panels or Zinc panels, which are for him a new way to conceive his work. JO BER brings us on the avenue of his figurative imagination, between clear line and underground comics, Neo-Sumerians and theory of relativity, with a pronounced interest in urban mythologies and ancient ghettos.