Copie de LOUANE


Louane was born in 1988 in Fribourg (Switzerland). He lives in Bern and works between Fribourg & Zurich. In his teenage years he found expression through rap in the hip-hop movement. He is one of the founding members of the FPZ («Free Painterz») crew who eventually evolved to the collective LES UNS, which brings together about fifty participants, among others: rappers, graffiti artists, djs and break-dancers from all over Switzerland. 

2010-2015 were important years for Louane’s own visual language, which shaped his former artistic identity and pseudonym „Jack Little“ who developed into Gaspare Louane.

Since 2016, Louane was invited to participate in several exhibitions and art fairs in Europe, in January 2019 he presented his solo show at Kolly Gallery.