Mando Marie is an American painter formerly based in Colorado and currently based in Europe. She exhibits in both the United States and Europe. She trained at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and is best known for her work as a stencilist.

Mando Marie uses graphic stencils and images redolent of ‘Golden Age’ storybook imagery that straddle a line between comforting and spooky. She frequently features the signature character of a young girl. These stylised figures have traded the protective home of childhood nostalgia for a slightly more adventurous and unsettling world, somewhere between dream and reality.

Alongside recurring graphic themes of the young girl, she favors repeated or mirrored imagery, and patterns, developed with multiple uses of the same stencil. Her outdoor paintings and murals incorporate the same primary technique of stencil painting on a larger scale. In gallery, museum or other indoor exhibitions, she typically creates artworks using spray paint, acrylic, and sewing patterns, on paper and canvas.